“When every life-saving second counts, Franklin Foundation Hospital is my first choice.” Christine Clements


Christine Clements (seated) worked as a nurse at Franklin Foundation Hospital for 46 years. But no amount of experience could have prepared her for what happened the night of November 23, 2016.

“I was trying to pick up something with my right hand and noticed my arm wasn’t moving,” Christine says. “Then I realized my whole right side was paralyzed. I was having a stroke!”

Patients who receive medical intervention within 60 minutes of having a stroke have the best chance of survival. Fortunately Christine was rushed to Franklin Foundation Hospital, where the emergency team is connected 24/7 to a TeleStroke program available through their partnership with Oschner Health System in New Orleans. “Our TeleStroke unit has been providing life-saving stroke response going on eight years now,” says Justin Boudreaux, RN, who helped set up the TeleStroke program at the hospital. 

Vickie Sutton is the Nurse Manager in the ER. “Using secure wireless data and a video link, a specially trained vascular neurologist and our onsite team work together to evaluate, diagnose and direct the care of the patient,” she explains. In Christine’s case, the consultation included the order that Christine be given tPA, a medication that dissolves blood clots. 

“The fact that I’m walking and talking today with absolutely no problems is because the ER staff at Franklin Foundation responded so quickly,” Christine says. “I really believe they saved my life!”