Rights of the Patient:

It is the responsibility of Franklin Foundation Hospital to assure that during your stay here, you retain your rights as an individual to be treated with honesty and dignity and exercise these rights without regard to sexual orientation or identity, culture, economic, education, religious background or the source of payment for your care. Likewise, attention to your responsibilities to Franklin Foundation Hospital as a patient is expected.

The following list of rights and responsibilities does not presume to be all inclusive but is intended to show our concern for you and to emphasize the need for observance of these rights and responsibilities.

Franklin Foundation Hospital will inform each patient, or when appropriate, the patient’s representative that you have the right to:

Notice of Rights 

  1. Patients have the right to receive information in a manner he or she understands. FFH staff must be considerate of hearing, cognitive, speech and visual impairments. It may be necessary at times to use terms the patient uses to promote understanding. FFH has systems in place for interpretation if necessary.
  2. Patients have the right to formulate advance directives and to have hospital staff and practitioners who provide care in the hospital comply with these directives.
  3. Staff at Franklin Foundation Hospital respect patient’s personal values, cultural beliefs, spiritual and religious beliefs, and personal preferences. Patients may attend church or services of their choosing.
  4. Patients have the right to participate in decisions about his or her care, treatment, and services. This includes the right to refuse care, treatment, and services. Risks of refusal of care, services and treatment needs to be explained to the patient. Patients and involved care givers also have the right to make decisions about end-of-life care. Patients have the right to participate in care planning process.
  5. Patients have the right to refuse participation in research, investigative or clinical trials. FFH does not initiate research, investigative or clinical trials. Patients currently in clinical trials will be administered investigative or trial medications as physician’s orders.
  6. Franklin Foundation Hospital and its respective staff honor patient’s right to give or withhold informed consent. Risks and benefits of care, treatment and services need to be explained to the patient and involved family member.
  7. Patients, including swing bed patients, have the right to be free from chemical and physical restraints. Patients have the right to:
    • be free from physical or mental abuse, and corporal punishment
    • be free from restraints or seclusion, of any form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff
    • use of restraint or seclusion only to ensure the immediate physical safety of yourself, a staff member, or others
    • the discontinuation of restraint or seclusion at the earliest possible time
  1. Patients, including swing bed patients have the right to be free from neglect, harassment, and exploitation, and verbal, mental, physical, and sexual abuse. There are policies and procedures in place for investigating, protecting the patient, and reporting individuals suspected of abuse or neglect.
  2. The patient has the right to a safe environment which preserves dignity and contributes to positive self-image.
  3. The patient has the right to choose medical, dental and other independent licensed practitioners. Patients, including swing bed patients, have the right to communicate directly with medical, dental and independent practitioners.
  4. Patients, including swing bed patients, will be provided with the name, specialty and phone number of the practitioner providing care.
  5. The patient has the right to receive and restrict visitors. FFH encourages visiting and socialization in accordance with what the patient wants.
  6. The patient has the right to unmonitored telephone conversations. Patients in the Medical Surgical unit each have their own personal phone and phone number to their room. The ICU portable phone is brought to an ICU patient for use.
  7. Patients have the right for transportation services as appropriate for his or her care or service plan.
  8. Patients will be assisted with maintaining and keeping medical, dental, and other independent practitioner appointments.
  9. Patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality which includes protection of medical information. FFH utilizes privacy curtains, window curtains, closing of doors, lowered voice levels, and proper handling of medical information.
  10. Patients may choose friends or family members to be present for emotional support during stay. This individual may or may not be the legal representative or surrogate decision maker.
  11. Safe arrangements will be made for married couples that want to share the same room.
  12. Patients have the right to restrict visitors.
  13. Patients, including swing bed patients, are not asked to work or forced to work.
  14. Patient has the right to receive unopened mail. Patients have the right to postage, stationary and writing materials.
  15. FFH staff tries very hard to keep involved care givers and family members updated on patient’s condition and any change in condition including significant falls or injuries.
  16. The patient and patient’s family has the right to have complaint(s) reviewed by the Franklin Foundation Hospital (see the following).
    A. There are methods available to report concerns related to care, treatment, services, and patient safety issues
    B. The procedure for submission of a written or verbal grievance to the hospital as follows:

    1. state concern to staff present; or,
    2. submit written or verbal statement to the Charge Nurse, House Supervisor (weekends and nights), Nurse Manager, Quality/Risk Manager or the Administrator on call
    3. receive follow-up from Quality Director/Risk Manager or the Administrator on call within 72 hours

C. request a review by a Peer Review Organization (PRO) for a concern regarding quality of care or premature discharge
D. The phone number and address of the QIO for your area is:

5700 Lombardo Center Drive
Suite 100
Seven Hills, OH 44131
1-844-430-9504 or 1-216-447-9604

E. written or verbal grievance can also be submitted to the following:

Department of Health & Hospitals
Hospital Program Manager
500 Laurel St.
Suite 100
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3767
Phone: (225) 342-6429

The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Phone: (630) 792-5000


As a patient, you will be expected, within the limits of your abilities, to follow rules and regulations of the hospital.

  • Provide a complete and accurate medical history.
  • Be considerate and respectful of other patients, and see that your visitors are considerate as well, particularly regarding noise.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on hospital/clinic grounds.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by your provider even after discharge from hospital. Notify your provider of any changes in your condition.
  • assuring that the financial obligations for your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.
  • Treat all staff with respect
  • Inform the hospital administration as soon as possible if you believe any of your rights have been or may be violated. You can do this any time by calling the hospital administrative office, 337-355-1283, or requesting the nursing supervisor contact administration on call.