The Emergency Department at Franklin Foundation Hospital is a specialized department designed for patients with acute illness or injuries. We understand that visiting an ER may not be a pleasant experience. We believe that we can make your experience a better one by explaining how the ER operates and what you can expect to happen while you are there.


When you first come to the ER you will receive a “triage” assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to make an initial determination about the nature and the severity of your illness. This will also determine the order in which you will be seen. Please note that the order in which you are triaged may not be the order that you are seen.

The Triage Process – Triage is the evaluation of urgency of our patients. We will take a history of your complaint and assess your condition. We may take your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. The Triage Nurse may initiate diagnostic tests to expedite your care.

Once You Are Triaged – Patients are prioritized based on the severity of their condition, We will make every effort to ensure your wait is minimal.

Medical Screening Exam

As part of your care, you have the right to have, within our capabilities at Franklin Foundation Hospital, an appropriate medical screening and exam by a qualified medical person. If your exam determines that you are suffering from a medical emergency you will receive immediate medical treatment from the Franklin Foundation Hospital staff. If Franklin Foundation Hospital lacks the ability to stabilize the condition, we will arrange to have you transferred to another facility.

Visitor Policy

In order to ensure a safe, private environment for all patients, visitors, and employees at Franklin Foundation Hospital visitors will be limited within the Emergency Department.

To ensure the comfort safety and privacy of all patients, we request visitors inside the treatment area be limited to one (1) per patient.

Visitors are encouraged to remain in the patient’s room so doorways and hallways are kept free of traffic.

The length and frequency of visits will be at the discretion of Physician/Charge Nurse taking into account the patient’s condition.

Why Are You Waiting?

Our goal is to see every patient as soon as possible. However, patients that need intensive care or are critically ill or injured will be treated first.

While You Are Waiting

The goal of the Emergency Department is to evaluate all patients in a prompt and timely manner. At times there are unavoidable delays. However, every effort will be made to make your visit as comfortable as possible. If we fail to communicate the reason for any delays, do not hesitate to ask your physician or nurse to explain your individual situation. If you feel your condition is worsening, please notify the Triage nurse.

Check with your nurse before taking any medications or eating or drinking while you wait. This may increase your length of stay, if a specific test needs to be ordered.

Delays may occur when critical patients with life-threatening injuries arrive in the department. We ask for your patience during these times, as many members of our team are occupied with caring for these patients and their families. When possible, we will try to inform you of these delays.

Once in the Emergency Department

A nurse will assist you to your assigned room and may ask you to change into a gown. Once in your room, your nurse will reassess your condition. He/she may retake your vital signs and ask some additional questions. It may be necessary to attach you to a monitor, which will record your heart rhythm and blood pressure. Additional test may be done to continue your treatments. Please alert your nurse if you feel a change in your condition.

After the doctor examines you, further tests or treatments may be ordered, which will be carried out by the health care team. Wait times for laboratory and x-ray can be unpredictable and at times lengthy. When all results are back, the doctor will reassess your condition and share the results with you. Any follow up care and or instructions will be given to you at this time.

You may receive a survey in the mail within a few days. Please take the time to complete this survey and return it. This survey will help us to improve our patient care services. We would welcome any comments on what we did well or what we can do to improve.

Please contact our Emergency Department at 337-355-1213 for additional information.