Good nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. One step toward achieving healthy eating is education – knowing how to make the right food choices based on your specific needs or medical condition. At Franklin Foundation Hospital, a registered dietitian is available to provide one-on-one counseling to patients of all ages with nutritional or health concerns, including diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, kidney disease and pediatric obesity.

The Boulevard Bistro

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The Dietary Department not only provides meals to our patients during their stay but also caters to the staff and community.

The Bistro is a familiar place for community residents partaking their noon meal throughout the week. The FFH Cafeteria offers awesome food, well balanced meals with healthy and light choices for the staff and community members. The Bistro’s operational hours are as follows:

The Bistro Serving Times

Weekdays – Temporarily Closed
Weekends – Temporarily Closed

Due to the short period of time that our serving line is open, Clinical staff may need to get their plates ahead of community residents since they do not get a scheduled lunch break and they need to get back to their stations, so they can continue taking care of our patients and your loved ones.