Franklin Foundation Hospital is a licensed provider of skilled nursing care for those patients who no longer meet acute care criteria but are not ready for discharge to other levels of care such as home, home health or nursing home.

A patient who no longer meets acute care criteria, has had at least a three consecutive midnight stay in an acute care facility, has skilled nursing benefits and meets at least one of the following skilled nursing criteria are eligible for our Swing Bed program.

Skilled Nursing Criteria guidelines for Swing Bed admission

  • Special procedures that may only adequately be performed in a SNF, including, but not limited to, IV fluids, IV medications, airway maintenance/ respiratory management with respiratory treatments and oxygen, PEG tube placement (30 days)
  • Conditions requiring Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and/or Speech therapy
  • Terminal stages of cancer and end-stage disease processes.
  • Patient requires dangerous medications with a high incidence of serious side effects, including, but not limited to, anti-tumor medications, steroids with active disease documentation, tegretol, high doses of diuretics, poorly controlled diabetics with varying schedules or sliding scale insulins requiring continued education to ensure safety, IV or SQ heparin & poorly controlled coumadin responses.
  • Special procedures may also include tubes in a body cavity not routinely cared for including chest, tracheostomy, nasogastric, stomach, rectal, airway, chronic wound/ abscess tubes.
  • Wound care requiring extensive dressing changes or special/ sterile techniques; wound has an unusual infecting organism, unusual timing or frequency of dressing changes; patient has fever or illness associated with the wound (osteomyolitis)
  • Post-op surgical convalescence where a patient’s condition is such that immediate and comprehensive intervention may be necessary without reference to the physician.

Hospitalist Program

Franklin Foundation Hospital has instituted a Hospitalist program. A patient who has no physician or whose primary care physician does not have admitting privileges at Franklin Foundation Hospital may be admitted to the hospital’s physician-hospitalist. The Hospitalist can follow the patient’s care during hospitalization and the patient will continue with care from the primary care physician once the patient is discharged from our facility.

Contact Information

For patients that may qualify for a Swing Bed admission and wish to transfer to Franklin Foundation Hospital or for any questions regarding our Swing Bed program, please contact the case management office at 337-355-1249, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Case Management
Franklin Foundation Hospital